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Original New Asus G51 G53 G60 G72 G73 N50 N61 NY0 U50 Series Laptop Keyboard - UK Layout

Getting your ASUS parts today is free of shipping. We supply brand new ASUS Laptop Keyboard with low price. We guarantee the product with a full warranty during warranty period if the product has any quality problem!
Original New Asus G51 G53 G60 G72 G73 N50 N61 NY0 U50 Series Laptop Keyboard - UK Layout
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Free Shipping
Brand New,3 Months Warranty
Product Information:
Layout: UK
Letter: English
UK standard
Remark: Ribbon cable included
Regulatory Approval: CE,UL
Note: Please check the images and description carefully. You will receive what you see!
Click here to find the with backlit version, Best Price
Color: Black
Condition: Brand New
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 3 Months
Payment:  PayPal | Credit Card
Default Shipping:  HongKong Registered Air Mail
                              With Tracking Number, Free
Express Shipping: DHL|EMS

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V0905621 V1114463 V111462AK1

A52 Series A52B Series A52BY Series
A52D Series A52DY Series A52Dr Series
A52F Series A52J Series A52JB Series
A52JC Series A52JE Series A52JK Series
A52JR Series A52JT Series A52JU Series
A52JV Series A52N Series A54 Series
A54C Series A54H Series A54HR Series
A54HR Series A54L Series A55D Series
A55DE Series A55DR Series A72DR Series
A72DY Series A72F Series A72JK Series
A72JR Series A72JT Series A72JU Series
A73 Series A73B Series A73BE Series
A73BR Series A73BY Series A73E Series
A73S Series A73SD Series A73SJ Series
A73SV Series A73T Series F50 Series
F50Q Series F50S Series F50SF Series
F50SL Series F50SV Series F50Z Series
F55 Series F55A Series F55A-AH91
F55A-ES01 F55A-SX048H F55A-SX091D
F55A-SX091H F55A-SX138DU F55A-SX172DU
F55A-SX219DU F55C Series F55C-SX048H
F55CR Series F55U Series F55V Series
F55VD Series F70 Series F70SL Series
F75 Series F75A Series F75A-EH51
F75A-TY089H F75A-TY133D F75A-WH31
F75V Series F75VB Series F75VB-TY041H
F75VB-TY049H F75VB-TY051H F75VC Series
F75VC-TY061H F75VC-TY063H F75VC-TY066H
F75VC-TY084H F75VC-TY088H F75VD Series
F75VD-EB51 F75VD-NS51 F75VD-TY196H
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G51V Series G51VX-RX05 G51Vx Series
G53 Series G53J Series G53JW Series
G53JW-A1 G53JW-XA1 G53S Series
G53SW Series G53SW-A1 G53SW-BST6
G53SW-XT1 G53SX Series G53SX-AH71
G53SX-NH71 G53SX-RH71 G53SX-TH71
G53SX-XN1 G53SX-XT1 G53X Series
G60 Series G60J Series G60Jx Series
G60Vx Series G72 Series G72Gx Series
G72J Series G72JH Series G73 Series
G73GH Series G73J Series G73JH-A1
G73JH-A2 G73JH-B1 G73JH-BST7
G73JW-3DE G73JW-A1 G73JW-XN1
G73Jh Series G73Jw Series G73S Series
G73SW Series G73SW-3DE G73SW-A1
K52 Series K52DY Series K52De Series
K52Dr Series K52F Series K52J Series
K52JB Series K52JK Series K52JK Series
K52JR Series K52JT Series K52JU Series
K52JV Series K52Jc Series K52Je Series
K52N Series K53 Series K53E Series
K53E-1A K53SC Series K53SC-1B
K53SD Series K53SJ Series K53SK Series
K53SM Series K53SV Series K53Sj-3C
K53TK Series K54 Series K54C Series
K54D Series K54H Series K54HR Series
K54HY Series K54L Series K54LY Series
K54S Series K54SL Series K55D Series
K55DE Series K55DR Series N50 Series
N50V Series N50VC Series N50VG Series
N50VN Series N51 Series N51A Series
N51T Series N51TE Series N51TP Series
N51V Series N51VF Series N51VG Series
N51VN Series N52 Series N52D Series
N52DA Series N52Jv Series N53 Series
N53DA Series N53J Series N53JF Series
N53JG Series N53JL Series N53JN Series
N53JQ Series N53NB Series N53SV Series
N60 Series N60DP Series N60DP-JX011V
N60DP-JX012V N60DP-JX054V N61 Series
N61DA Series N61J Series N61Ja Series
N61Jq Series N61Jv Series N61V Series
N61VF Series N61VG Series N61VN Series
N61W Series N70 Series N70S Series
N70SV Series N70SV-1GTY N70SV-A1
N70SV-B1 N70SV-TY029C N70SV-TY043C
N70SV-TY046C N70SV-TY057C N70SV-TY065C
N70SV-TY081C N70SV-TY089C N70SV-TY127C
N70SV-X1 N71 Series N71J Series
N71JA Series N71JQ Series N71JV Series
N71V Series N71VG Series N71VN Series
N73 Series N73J Series N73JF Series
N73JG Series N73JN Series N73JQ Series
N73S Series N73SC Series N73SD Series
N73SM Series N73SV Series N90 Series
N90SC Series N90SV Series P52 Series
P52F Series P52Jc Series P53 Series
P53E Series P53E-1A Series P53SJ Series
P53SJ-1AL Series R503 Series R503A Series
R503A-RH01 R503CR Series R503U Series
R503U-MH21 R503VD Series R503VDR Series
S75VC Series U50 Series U50A Series
U50A Series U50A-RBBML05 U50F Series
U50F Series U50F-RBBAG05 U50V Series
U50VF Series U50VG-AM1 U50Vg Series
UL50 Series UL50A Series UL50AG Series
UL50AT Series UL50V Series UL50VF Series
UL50VG Series UL50VT Series UX50 Series
UX50V Series X52 Series X52DE Series
X52F Series X52J Series X52JR Series
X53E Series X53E-RS32 X53E-XR1
X53E-XR2 X54 Series X54C Series
X54H Series X54HR Series X54HY Series
X54L Series X54LY Series X54X Series
X54XB Series X54XI Series X55A Series
X55C Series X55U Series X55VD Series
X61 Series X61Gx Series X61Q Series
X61S Series X61SF Series X61SL Series
X61SV Series X61Z Series X75A Series
X75SV Series X75U Series X75V Series
X75VB Series X75VD Series Z54 Sereis
Z54C Sereis Z54H Sereis Z54HR Sereis
Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to the most countries usually takes about 7~15 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time cost
EMS5-10 business days £13.00
DHL4-7 business days £15.00

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by order@uk-laptop-part.com and inform us of your express company.
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