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  We specialize in laptop parts such as keyboards, LCD hinges, LCD inverters, CPU cooling fans, laptop hard drive and laptop speakers. We have a huge range of well-known brands to fulfill your needs, with original parts available from manufacturers such as Toshiba, HP Compaq, Dell, Acer, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, and Samsung.
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Find a LENOVO Laptop CPU Fan? Here, we provide huge range LENOVO Laptop CPU Fan for your selection. 100% original part! Free Shipping! Low price. Excellent after service!

Cannot find the matched one you need? Please inform us about its referred information by order@uk-laptop-part.com, we will try our best to look for it.


List LENOVO By Product Image

LENOVO Laptop CPU Fan Select by Part number Select by Model
   42X4399   42X4399   60Y5422
   60Y5422   E233037   E233037
   MF45070V1-Q040-G99   MF45070V1-Q040-G99  00HT721
  00HT721  00HT723  00HT723
  00JT207  00JT207  04W0407
  04W0407  04W0408  04W0408
  04W0416  04W0416  04W0417
  04W0417  04W0435  04W0435
  04W0439  04W0439  04W1574
  04W1574  04W1578  04W1578
  04W1579  04W1579  04W1580
  04W1580  04W1712  04W1712
  04W1713  04W1713  04W1833
  04W1833  04W3269  04W3269
  04W3747  04W3747  04W6921
  04W6921  04X0445  04X0445
  04X3787  04X3787  04X3788
  04X3788  04X3909  04X3909
  04X6440  04X6440  04Y1366
  04Y1366  04Y1367  04Y1367
  0B41088  0B41088  0C67847
  0C67847  13.V1.B3483.F.GN  13.V1.B3483.F.GN
  13.V1.B3534.F.GN  13.V1.B3534.F.GN  13.V1.B3591.F.GN
  13.V1.B3591.F.GN  13.V1.B4141.F.GN  13.V1.B4141.F.GN
  13N5182  13N5182  13N5341
  13N5341  13N5342  13N5342
  13R2656  13R2656  13R2657
  13R2657  13R2810  13R2810
  26R7846  26R7846  26R7849
  26R7849  26R7859  26R7859
  26R7860  26R7860  26R7957
  26R7957  26R8197  26R8197
  26R9066  26R9066  26R9074
  26R9074  26R9434  26R9434
  26R9757  26R9757  34.4KE05.001
  34.4KE05.001  39T9894  39T9894
  39T9895  39T9895  41V9748
  41V9748  41V9932  41V9932
  41W6405  41W6405  41W6409
  41W6409  42M25M  42M25M
  42W2403  42W2403  42W2460
  42W2460  42W2461  42W2461
  42W2462  42W2462  42W2463
  42W2463  42W2676  42W2676
  42W2779  42W2779  42W2780
  42W2780  42W3410  42W3410
  42X3804  42X3804  42X3805
  42X3805  42X3806  42X3806
  42X4566  42X4566  42X5067
  42X5067  43Y9694  43Y9694
  44C0747  44C0747  44C0748
  44C0748  44C9550  44C9550
  45M2680  45M2680  45M2721
  45M2721  45M2722  45M2722
  45M2723  45M2723  45M2724
  45M2724  45N3031  45N3031
  45N3131  45N3131  45N3194
  45N3194  45N4782  45N4782
  45N5490  45N5490  45N5491
  45N5491  45N5492  45N5492
  45N5493  45N5493  45N5906
  45N5906  46L4752  46L4752
  46L4753  46L4753  46P3132
  46P3132  6.04ZT815.001  6.04ZT815.001
  60.4B413.001  60.4B413.001  60.4B425.001
  60.4B425.001  60.4KH17.001  60.4KH17.001
  60.4TJ02.001  60.4TJ02.001  60.4Y425.001
  60.4Y425.001  60Y4977  60Y4977
  60Y4979  60Y4979  60Y4981
  60Y4981  60Y5145  60Y5145
  60Y5146  60Y5146  60Y5262
  60Y5262  60Y5489  60Y5489
  60Y5491  60Y5491  60Y5492
  60Y5492  60Y5493  60Y5493
  60Y5494  60Y5494  75Y5782
  75Y5782  75Y5784  75Y5784
  75Y5792  75Y5792  75Y5929
  75Y5929  90201967  90201967
  91P9253  91P9253  91P9254
  91P9254  91P9799  91P9799
  AB0605HX-QB3  AB0605HX-QB3  AB0705HX-QKB(VITU5)
  AB0705HX-QKB(VITU5)  AB0705UX-HB3  AB0705UX-HB3
  AB07505HX060B00(00LZ9)  AB07505HX060B00(00LZ9)  AB5005UX-R0B
  AB5005UX-R0B  AB6505HX-GB3(KIWB3)  AB6505HX-GB3(KIWB3)
  AB7005HX-EDB  AB7005HX-EDB  AB7005MX-ED3
  AB7005MX-ED3  AD06705HX11DB00  AD06705HX11DB00
  ADDA  ADDA  AT00W000200
  AT00W000200  AT0RQ001WJ  AT0RQ001WJ
  AT1380010C0  AT1380010C0  ATZHV00010083405982
  ATZHV00010083405982  ATZHV000100M1  ATZHV000100M1
  BATA0610R5U  BATA0710R5H  BATA0710R5H
  BATA0812R5H-001  BATA0812R5H-001  BATA0812R5H-004
  BATA0812R5H-004  BSB0705HC(-F812)  BSB0705HC(-F812)
  CWFL1A  CWFL1A  DC280009BS0
  DC280009BS0  DC28000BYA0  DC28000BYA0
  DC28000C7D0  DC28000C7D0  DC28000C7S0
  DC28000C7S0  DC28000CGS0  DC28000CGS0
  DC28000E4S0  DC28000E4S0  DC28000EQF0
  DC28000EQF0  DC28000EQS0  DC28000EQS0
  DFS531305M30T  DFS531305M30T  DFS551205ML0T
  DFS551205ML0T  EG50040S1-C450-S99  EG50040S1-C450-S99
  EG50040V1-C06C-S9A  EG50040V1-C06C-S9A  EG50070V1-C040-S99
  EG50070V1-C040-S99  EG75080S2-C010-S9A  EG75080S2-C010-S9A
  F90Q  F90Q  GC054007VH-A
  GC054007VH-A  GC055010VH-A  GC055010VH-A
  GC055515VH-A  GC055515VH-A  HY55F-05A
  HY55F-05A  HY55H-05A  HY55H-05A
  KDB04505HA(-AD1C)  KDB04505HA(-AD1C)  KSB0405HA-AF87
  KSB0405HA-AF87  KSB0505HA(-8J78)  KSB0505HA(-8J78)
  KSB05105HB(-BJ94)  KSB05105HB(-BJ94)  KSB05105HB-BJ75
  KSB05105HB-BJ75  KSB05105HC(-AJ93)  KSB05105HC(-AJ93)
  KSB0605HC(-AC1S)  KSB0605HC(-AC1S)  KSB0605HC(-CE39)
  KSB0605HC(-CE39)  KSB0605HC-AH72  KSB0605HC-AH72
  KSB06105HB(-BJ49)  KSB06105HB(-BJ49)  KSB0805HC(-BJ66)
  KSB0805HC(-BJ66)  MCF-201AM05  MCF-201AM05
  MCF-205AM05  MCF-205AM05  MCF-208AM05-1
  MCF-208AM05-1  MCF-210PAM05  MCF-210PAM05
  MCF-211PAM05  MCF-211PAM05  MCF-216PAM05
  MCF-216PAM05  MCF-217PAM05  MCF-217PAM05
  MCF-219PAM05  MCF-219PAM05  MCF-220PAM05
  MCF-220PAM05  MCF-224PAM05  MCF-224PAM05
  MCF-G06PBM05(8908A)  MCF-G06PBM05(8908A)  MCF-W01PAM05-2
  MCF-W01PAM05-2  MCF-W03PAM05  MCF-W03PAM05
  MF60090V1-C460  MF60090V1-C460  MG60090V1-C170-S99
  MG60090V1-C170-S99  MG60120V1-C030-S99  MG60120V1-C030-S99
  MG60120V1-C060-S99  MG60120V1-C060-S99  MG60120V1-C070-S99
  MG60120V1-C070-S99  MG60120V1-C140-S99  MG60120V1-C140-S99
  MG65130V1-Q000-S99  MG65130V1-Q000-S99  MG75070V1-C000-S99
  MG75070V1-C000-S99  NFB65B05H  NFB65B05H
  ZB0507PGV1-6A  ZB0507PGV1-6A  
LENOVO Laptop CPU Fan Select by Model Select by Part number
   Thinkpad X201i series   Thinkpad X201i series   ThinkPad X60T Series
   ThinkPad X60T Series   Thinkpad X61T series   Thinkpad X61T series
  3000 C200 Series  3000 C200 Series  3000 N100 (0689-A28)
  3000 N100 (0689-A28)  3000 N100 Series  3000 N100 Series
  A4980 Series  A4980 Series  B480 Series
  B480 Series  B480A Series  B480A Series
  B480G Series  B480G Series  B485 Series
  B485 Series  B485A Series  B485A Series
  B485G Series  B485G Series  B490 Series
  B490 Series  B490S Series  B490S Series
  B580 Series  B580 Series  B580A Series
  B580A Series  B580A-IFI  B580A-IFI
  B580A-ITH  B580A-ITH  B580C Series
  B580C Series  B590 Series  B590 Series
  B590A Series  B590A Series  B590A-BEI
  B590A-BEI  B590A-BNI  B590A-BNI
  B590A-IFI  B590A-IFI  B590A-ITH
  B590A-ITH  B590G Series  B590G Series
  B590G-BEI  B590G-BEI  Erazer Y50 Series
  Erazer Y50 Series  Erazer Y50-70 Series  Erazer Y50-70 Series
  Erazer Y50-70A Series  Erazer Y50-70A Series  Essential G460 Series
  Essential G460 Series  Essential G460-0677  Essential G460-0677
  Essential G460-06772WU  Essential G460-06772WU  Essential G460-06772XU
  Essential G460-06772XU  Essential G460-06774CU  Essential G460-06774CU
  Essential G460-06774DU  Essential G460-06774DU  Essential G460-06777CU
  Essential G460-06777CU  Essential G460-06777DU  Essential G460-06777DU
  Essential G460-06777EU  Essential G460-06777EU  Essential G460-06777UU
  Essential G460-06777UU  Essential G460-06779UU  Essential G460-06779UU
  Essential G460-06779XU  Essential G460-06779XU  Essential G460-5903
  Essential G460-5903  Essential G460-5903-5516  Essential G460-5903-5516
  Essential G460-5905-2104  Essential G460-5905-2104  Essential G460-6772
  Essential G460-6772  Essential G460A Series  Essential G460A Series
  Essential G560 Series  Essential G560 Series  Essential G560-06792AJ
  Essential G560-06792AJ  Essential G560-06792AU  Essential G560-06792AU
  Essential G560-06793FJ  Essential G560-06793FJ  Essential G560-06793JU
  Essential G560-06793JU  Essential G560-06793TJ  Essential G560-06793TJ
  Essential G560-067943M  Essential G560-067943M  Essential G560-06794TU
  Essential G560-06794TU  Essential G560-06795XJ  Essential G560-06795XJ
  Essential G560-067998U  Essential G560-067998U  Essential G560-067999U
  Essential G560-067999U  Essential G560-0679AJU  Essential G560-0679AJU
  Essential G560-6792  Essential G560-6792  Essential G560-M272BGE
  Essential G560-M272BGE  Essential G560-M272DGE  Essential G560-M272DGE
  Essential G560-M276LGE  Essential G560-M276LGE  Essential G560-M276MUK
  Essential G560-M276MUK  Essential G560-M277QGE  Essential G560-M277QGE
  Essential G560-M277RGE  Essential G560-M277RGE  Essential G560-M279CGE
  Essential G560-M279CGE  Essential G560-M279CU  Essential G560-M279CU
  Essential G560-M279CUK  Essential G560-M279CUK  Essential G560-M279YGE
  Essential G560-M279YGE  Essential G565 Series  Essential G565 Series
  F40 Series  F40 Series  F40A Series
  F40A Series  F40L Series  F40L Series
  F40M Series  F40M Series  F41 Series
  F41 Series  F41A Series  F41A Series
  F41M Series  F41M Series  F50A Series
  F50A Series  G40 Series  G40 Series
  G40-30 Series  G40-30 Series  G40-30-NTH
  G40-30-NTH  G40-30-NTW  G40-30-NTW
  G40-45 Series  G40-45 Series  G40-45-ASI
  G40-45-ASI  G40-45-ETW(D)  G40-45-ETW(D)
  G40-70 Series  G40-70 Series  G40-70A Series
  G40-70A Series  G40-70AM-IFI  G40-70AM-IFI
  G40-70AT-CTW  G40-70AT-CTW  G40-70AT-IFI
  G40-70AT-IFI  G40-70AT-ITH  G40-70AT-ITH
  G40-70AT-PTH  G40-70AT-PTH  G40-70M Series
  G40-70M Series  G40-70MA  G40-70MA
  G40-75 Series  G40-75 Series  G40-75-ATE
  G40-75-ATE  G40-80 Series  G40-80 Series
  G450 Series  G450 Series  G450A Series
  G450A Series  G450M Series  G450M Series
  G455 Series  G455 Series  G480 2184-22U
  G480 2184-22U  G480 2184-27U  G480 2184-27U
  G480 2184-3NU  G480 2184-3NU  G480 2184-3PU
  G480 2184-3PU  G480 2688-2AU  G480 2688-2AU
  G480 2688-2LU  G480 2688-2LU  G480 2688-2NU
  G480 2688-2NU  G480 2814  G480 2814
  G480 Series  G480 Series  G480A Series
  G480A Series  G480AM Series  G480AM Series
  G485 Series  G485 Series  G485A Series
  G485A Series  G50 Series  G50 Series
  G50-30 Series  G50-30 Series  G50-45 Series
  G50-45 Series  G50-45-ETW  G50-45-ETW
  G50-70 Series  G50-70 Series  G50-70A Series
  G50-70A Series  G50-70AT Series  G50-70AT Series
  G50-70AT-IFI  G50-70AT-IFI  G50-70AT-ISE
  G50-70AT-ISE  G50-70AT-ITH  G50-70AT-ITH
  G50-70AT-PTH  G50-70AT-PTH  G50-70M Series
  G50-70M Series  G50-70MA-IFI  G50-70MA-IFI
  G50-75 Series  G50-75 Series  G50-75MA-ATE
  G50-75MA-ATE  G50-80 Series  G50-80 Series
  G550 Series  G550 Series  G550A Series
  G550A Series  G550M Series  G550M Series
  G550S Series  G550S Series  G555 Series
  G555 Series  G555A Series  G555A Series
  G555AX Series  G555AX Series  G555G Series
  G555G Series  G555L Series  G555L Series
  G580 2189-82U  G580 2189-82U  G580 2189-88U
  G580 2189-88U  G580 2189-8AU  G580 2189-8AU
  G580 2189-8CU  G580 2189-8CU  G580 2689-38U
  G580 2689-38U  G580 2689-3DU  G580 2689-3DU
  G580 2819  G580 2819  G580 Series
  G580 Series  G580-ISE  G580-ISE
  G580A Series  G580A Series  G580AM Series
  G580AM Series  G580AM-ITH  G580AM-ITH
  G585 Series  G585 Series  G585A Series
  G585A Series  ideaCentre B300 Series  ideaCentre B300 Series
  ideaCentre B305 Series  ideaCentre B305 Series  ideaCentre B31r3
  ideaCentre B31r3  ideaCentre B31r4  ideaCentre B31r4
  Ideacentre Q120 Series  Ideacentre Q120 Series  Ideacentre Q150 Series
  Ideacentre Q150 Series  Ideapad B560 Series  Ideapad B560 Series
  Ideapad B560-433028U  Ideapad B560-433028U  Ideapad B560A Series
  Ideapad B560A Series  Ideapad B565 Series  Ideapad B565 Series
  IdeaPad B570 Series  IdeaPad B570 Series  IdeaPad B570A Series
  IdeaPad B570A Series  IdeaPad B570EA Series  IdeaPad B570EA Series
  IdeaPad B575 Series  IdeaPad B575 Series  IdeaPad B575A Series
  IdeaPad B575A Series  IdeaPad B575E Series  IdeaPad B575E Series
  Ideapad G470 Series  Ideapad G470 Series  Ideapad G470A Series
  Ideapad G470A Series  Ideapad G470AH Series  Ideapad G470AH Series
  Ideapad G470GL Series  Ideapad G470GL Series  Ideapad G475 Series
  Ideapad G475 Series  Ideapad G475A Series  Ideapad G475A Series
  Ideapad G570 Series  Ideapad G570 Series  Ideapad G575 Series
  Ideapad G575 Series  IdeaPad G770 Series  IdeaPad G770 Series
  IdeaPad G770A Series  IdeaPad G770A Series  IdeaPad G770A-IFI
  IdeaPad G770A-IFI  IdeaPad G780 Series  IdeaPad G780 Series
  IdeaPad M10 Series  IdeaPad M10 Series  IdeaPad N580 Series
  IdeaPad N580 Series  IdeaPad N580A Series  IdeaPad N580A Series
  IdeaPad N581 Series  IdeaPad N581 Series  IdeaPad N585 Series
  IdeaPad N585 Series  IdeaPad N586 Series  IdeaPad N586 Series
  Ideapad P400 Series  Ideapad P400 Series  Ideapad P400 Touch
  Ideapad P400 Touch  Ideapad P500 Series  Ideapad P500 Series
  Ideapad P500 Touch  Ideapad P500 Touch  Ideapad P500A Series
  Ideapad P500A Series  IdeaPad P580 Series  IdeaPad P580 Series
  IdeaPad P580A Series  IdeaPad P580A Series  IdeaPad P580G Series
  IdeaPad P580G Series  IdeaPad P585 Series  IdeaPad P585 Series
  IdeaPad P585A Series  IdeaPad P585A Series  IdeaPad P585G Series
  IdeaPad P585G Series  IdeaPad S10 Series  IdeaPad S10 Series
  IdeaPad S10-2 Series  IdeaPad S10-2 Series  IdeaPad S9 Series
  IdeaPad S9 Series  IdeaPad U430P Series  IdeaPad U430P Series
  IdeaPad U430P-IFI  IdeaPad U430P-IFI  Ideapad U450 Series
  Ideapad U450 Series  Ideapad U450A Series  Ideapad U450A Series
  Ideapad U450G Series  Ideapad U450G Series  Ideapad U450P Series
  Ideapad U450P Series  IdeaPad U510 Series  IdeaPad U510 Series
  IdeaPad U510-IFI Series  IdeaPad U510-IFI Series  IdeaPad U510-ITH Series
  IdeaPad U510-ITH Series  IdeaPad U530 Series  IdeaPad U530 Series
  IdeaPad U530 Touch  IdeaPad U530 Touch  IdeaPad U530P Series
  IdeaPad U530P Series  Ideapad V560 Series  Ideapad V560 Series
  Ideapad V565 Series  Ideapad V565 Series  IdeaPad V570 Series
  IdeaPad V570 Series  IdeaPad V570A Series  IdeaPad V570A Series
  IdeaPad V570C Series  IdeaPad V570C Series  IdeaPad V570G Series
  IdeaPad V570G Series  IdeaPad Y400 Series  IdeaPad Y400 Series
  IdeaPad Y400S Series  IdeaPad Y400S Series  Ideapad Y450 Series
  Ideapad Y450 Series  Ideapad Y450A Series  Ideapad Y450A Series
  IdeaPad Y500 Series  IdeaPad Y500 Series  IdeaPad Y500S Series
  IdeaPad Y500S Series  IdeaPad Y560 Series  IdeaPad Y560 Series
  IdeaPad Y560A Series  IdeaPad Y560A Series  IdeaPad Y560A-IFH
  IdeaPad Y560A-IFH  IdeaPad Y560AT-IFI  IdeaPad Y560AT-IFI
  IdeaPad Y560AT-ISE  IdeaPad Y560AT-ISE  IdeaPad Y560C Series
  IdeaPad Y560C Series  IdeaPad Y560D Series  IdeaPad Y560D Series
  IdeaPad Y560DT Series  IdeaPad Y560DT Series  IdeaPad Y560G Series
  IdeaPad Y560G Series  IdeaPad Y560N Series  IdeaPad Y560N Series
  IdeaPad Y560P Series  IdeaPad Y560P Series  Ideapad Y570 Series
  Ideapad Y570 Series  Ideapad Y570A Series  Ideapad Y570A Series
  Ideapad Y570G Series  Ideapad Y570G Series  Ideapad Y570N Series
  Ideapad Y570N Series  Ideapad Y580 Series  Ideapad Y580 Series
  Ideapad Y580-20934EU  Ideapad Y580-20934EU  Ideapad Y580-20994BU
  Ideapad Y580-20994BU  Ideapad Y580-20994HU  Ideapad Y580-20994HU
  Ideapad Y580A Series  Ideapad Y580A Series  Ideapad Y580M Series
  Ideapad Y580M Series  Ideapad Y580N Series  Ideapad Y580N Series
  Ideapad Y580NT Series  Ideapad Y580NT Series  Ideapad Y580P Series
  Ideapad Y580P Series  Ideapad Y650 Series  Ideapad Y650 Series
  Ideapad Y650A Series  Ideapad Y650A Series  Ideapad Y650N Series
  Ideapad Y650N Series  Ideapad Yoga2 13-IFI  Ideapad Yoga2 13-IFI
  Ideapad Yoga2 13-ITH  Ideapad Yoga2 13-ITH  Ideapad YOGA2 Series
  Ideapad YOGA2 Series  Ideapad Z370 Series  Ideapad Z370 Series
  Ideapad Z370-10252VU  Ideapad Z370-10252VU  Ideapad Z370-1025AEU
  Ideapad Z370-1025AEU  Ideapad Z370A Series  Ideapad Z370A Series
  Ideapad Z370G Series  Ideapad Z370G Series  Ideapad Z400 Series
  Ideapad Z400 Series  Ideapad Z400 Touch  Ideapad Z400 Touch
  Ideapad Z460 Series  Ideapad Z460 Series  Ideapad Z460A Series
  Ideapad Z460A Series  Ideapad Z465 Series  Ideapad Z465 Series
  Ideapad Z470 Series  Ideapad Z470 Series  Ideapad Z470A Series
  Ideapad Z470A Series  Ideapad Z470G Series  Ideapad Z470G Series
  Ideapad Z470K Series  Ideapad Z470K Series  Ideapad Z475 Series
  Ideapad Z475 Series  IdeaPad Z480 Series  IdeaPad Z480 Series
  IdeaPad Z485 Series  IdeaPad Z485 Series  Ideapad Z500 Series
  Ideapad Z500 Series  Ideapad Z500 Touch  Ideapad Z500 Touch
  Ideapad Z500A Series  Ideapad Z500A Series  Ideapad Z500G Series
  Ideapad Z500G Series  Ideapad Z560 Series  Ideapad Z560 Series
  Ideapad Z565 Series  Ideapad Z565 Series  Ideapad Z565-4311
  Ideapad Z565-4311  Ideapad Z565-4311-35U  Ideapad Z565-4311-35U
  Ideapad Z565-4311-37U  Ideapad Z565-4311-37U  Ideapad Z565-4311-38U
  Ideapad Z565-4311-38U  Ideapad Z565-4311-3CU  Ideapad Z565-4311-3CU
  Ideapad Z565-4311-3DU  Ideapad Z565-4311-3DU  Ideapad Z565-4311-3EU
  Ideapad Z565-4311-3EU  Ideapad Z565-4311-3FU  Ideapad Z565-4311-3FU
  Ideapad Z565-4311ABG  Ideapad Z565-4311ABG  IdeaPad Z570 Series
  IdeaPad Z570 Series  IdeaPad Z570A Series  IdeaPad Z570A Series
  IdeaPad Z575 Series  IdeaPad Z575 Series  IdeaPad Z575A Series
  IdeaPad Z575A Series  IdeaPad Z575AH Series  IdeaPad Z575AH Series
  IdeaPad Z580 Series  IdeaPad Z580 Series  IdeaPad Z585 Series
  IdeaPad Z585 Series  Lenovo ideacentre A600 Series  Lenovo ideacentre A600 Series
  M490 Series  M490 Series  M490S Series
  M490S Series  M495 Series  M495 Series
  M590 Series  M590 Series  ThinkPad E431 Series
  Thinkpad E431 Series  ThinkPad E431 Series  Thinkpad E431 Series
  ThinkPad E440 Series  Thinkpad E440 Series  ThinkPad E440 Series
  Thinkpad E440 Series  ThinkPad E531 Series  Thinkpad E531 Series
  ThinkPad E531 Series  Thinkpad E531 Series  ThinkPad E540 Series
  Thinkpad E540 Series  ThinkPad E540 Series  Thinkpad E540 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E10 Series  Thinkpad Edge E10 Series  Thinkpad Edge E11 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E11 Series  Thinkpad Edge E420 Series  Thinkpad Edge E420 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E425 Series  Thinkpad Edge E425 Series  Thinkpad Edge E430 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E430 Series  Thinkpad Edge E430c Series  Thinkpad Edge E430c Series
  ThinkPad Edge E431 Series  ThinkPad Edge E431 Series  Thinkpad Edge E435 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E435 Series  ThinkPad Edge E440 Series  ThinkPad Edge E440 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E445 Series  Thinkpad Edge E445 Series  Thinkpad Edge E520 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E520 Series  Thinkpad Edge E520S Series  Thinkpad Edge E520S Series
  Thinkpad Edge E525 Series  Thinkpad Edge E525 Series  Thinkpad Edge E530 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E530 Series  Thinkpad Edge E530c Series  Thinkpad Edge E530c Series
  ThinkPad Edge E531 Series  ThinkPad Edge E531 Series  Thinkpad Edge E535 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E535 Series  ThinkPad Edge E540 Series  ThinkPad Edge E540 Series
  Thinkpad Edge E545 Series  Thinkpad Edge E545 Series  Thinkpad L430 Series
  Thinkpad L430 Series  Thinkpad L530 Series  Thinkpad L530 Series
  Thinkpad R50 1830-NA2  Thinkpad R50 1830-NA2  Thinkpad R50 Series
  Thinkpad R50 Series  Thinkpad R500 Series  Thinkpad R500 Series
  Thinkpad R50e 1834-A58  Thinkpad R50e 1834-A58  Thinkpad R50e 1834-MG2
  Thinkpad R50e 1834-MG2  Thinkpad R50e 1834-PKA  Thinkpad R50e 1834-PKA
  Thinkpad R50e Series  Thinkpad R50e Series  Thinkpad R50p Series
  Thinkpad R50p Series  Thinkpad R51 1830-KA1  Thinkpad R51 1830-KA1
  Thinkpad R51 2888-5RU  Thinkpad R51 2888-5RU  Thinkpad R51 Series
  Thinkpad R51 Series  Thinkpad R51e Series  Thinkpad R51e Series
  Thinkpad R61 Series  Thinkpad R61 Series  Thinkpad R61E Series
  Thinkpad R61E Series  Thinkpad R61I Series  Thinkpad R61I Series
  Thinkpad SL300 Series  ThinkPad SL300 Series  Thinkpad SL300 Series
  ThinkPad SL300 Series  Thinkpad SL400 Series  ThinkPad SL400 Series
  Thinkpad SL400 Series  ThinkPad SL400 Series  Thinkpad SL400c Series
  ThinkPad SL400C Series  Thinkpad SL400c Series  ThinkPad SL400C Series
  Thinkpad SL500 Series  ThinkPad SL500 Series  Thinkpad SL500 Series
  ThinkPad SL500 Series  Thinkpad SL500c Series  ThinkPad SL500C Series
  Thinkpad SL500c Series  ThinkPad SL500C Series  Thinkpad T30 Series
  Thinkpad T30 Series  Thinkpad T30-2366-85U  Thinkpad T30-2366-85U
  Thinkpad T30-2366-91A  Thinkpad T30-2366-91A  Thinkpad T30-2366-9BA
  Thinkpad T30-2366-9BA  Thinkpad T30-2366-AA3  Thinkpad T30-2366-AA3
  Thinkpad T30-2366-DA1  Thinkpad T30-2366-DA1  Thinkpad T30-2367-89H
  Thinkpad T30-2367-89H  Thinkpad T30-2367-AA1  Thinkpad T30-2367-AA1
  Thinkpad T40 2373-76A  Thinkpad T40 2373-76A  Thinkpad T40 2374-GA3
  Thinkpad T40 2374-GA3  Thinkpad T40 Series  Thinkpad T40 Series
  Thinkpad T400S Series  Thinkpad T400S Series  Thinkpad T40p Series
  Thinkpad T40p Series  ThinkPad T41 Series  ThinkPad T41 Series
  Thinkpad T410 Series  Thinkpad T410 Series  Thinkpad T410i Series
  Thinkpad T410i Series  Thinkpad T410S Series  Thinkpad T410S Series
  Thinkpad T410Si Series  Thinkpad T410SI Series  Thinkpad T410Si Series
  Thinkpad T410SI Series  ThinkPad T41P Series  ThinkPad T41P Series
  ThinkPad T42 Series  ThinkPad T42 Series  Thinkpad T420 Series
  Thinkpad T420 Series  Thinkpad T420i Series  Thinkpad T420i Series
  Thinkpad T420S Series  Thinkpad T420S Series  Thinkpad T420Si Series
  Thinkpad T420SI Series  Thinkpad T420Si Series  Thinkpad T420SI Series
  ThinkPad T42P Series  ThinkPad T42P Series  Thinkpad T43 Series
  ThinkPad T43 Series  Thinkpad T43 Series  ThinkPad T43 Series
  Thinkpad T430 Series  Thinkpad T430 Series  Thinkpad T430i Series
  Thinkpad T430i Series  Thinkpad T430S Series  Thinkpad T430S Series
  Thinkpad T430SI Series  Thinkpad T430SI Series  Thinkpad T43p Series
  ThinkPad T43p Series  Thinkpad T43p Series  ThinkPad T43p Series
  Thinkpad T440 Series  Thinkpad T440 Series  Thinkpad T440P Series
  Thinkpad T440P Series  Thinkpad T440S Series  Thinkpad T440S Series
  Thinkpad T500 Series  Thinkpad T500 Series  Thinkpad T510 Series
  Thinkpad T510 Series  Thinkpad T510i Series  Thinkpad T510i Series
  Thinkpad T520 Series  Thinkpad T520 Series  Thinkpad T520i Series
  Thinkpad T520i Series  Thinkpad T60 Series  Thinkpad T60 Series
  Thinkpad T60P Series  Thinkpad T60P Series  Thinkpad T61 Series
  Thinkpad T61 Series  Thinkpad T61P Series  Thinkpad T61P Series
  Thinkpad W500 Series  Thinkpad W500 Series  Thinkpad W510 Series
  Thinkpad W510 Series  Thinkpad W520 Series  Thinkpad W520 Series
  Thinkpad X100 Series  Thinkpad X100 Series  Thinkpad X100e Series
  Thinkpad X100e Series  ThinkPad X100e-2876  ThinkPad X100e-2876
  ThinkPad X100e-3506  ThinkPad X100e-3506  ThinkPad X100e-3507
  ThinkPad X100e-3507  ThinkPad X100e-3508  ThinkPad X100e-3508
  Thinkpad X120 Series  Thinkpad X120 Series  Thinkpad X120e Series
  Thinkpad X120e Series  Thinkpad X200 Series  Thinkpad X200 Series
  ThinkPad X200 Tablet Series  ThinkPad X200 Tablet Series  Thinkpad X200i Series
  Thinkpad X200i Series  ThinkPad X200T Series  ThinkPad X200T Series
  Thinkpad X201 series  Thinkpad X201 series  Thinkpad X201 Tablet Series
  Thinkpad X201 Tablet Series  Thinkpad X220 Series  Thinkpad X220 Series
  Thinkpad X220I Series  Thinkpad X220I Series  Thinkpad X230 Series
  Thinkpad X230 Series  Thinkpad X230i Series  Thinkpad X230i Series
  Thinkpad X300 Series  Thinkpad X300 Series  Thinkpad X301 Series
  Thinkpad X301 Series  Thinkpad X60 1706-CC6  ThinkPad X60 1706-CC6
  Thinkpad X60 1706-CC6  ThinkPad X60 1706-CC6  ThinkPad X60 Series
  Thinkpad X60 Series  ThinkPad X60 Series  Thinkpad X60 Series
  Thinkpad X60 Tablet  ThinkPad X60 Tablet  Thinkpad X60 Tablet
  ThinkPad X60 Tablet  ThinkPad X60S Series  ThinkPad X60S Series
  ThinkPad X61 Series  Thinkpad X61 Series  ThinkPad X61 Series
  Thinkpad X61 Series  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 6363  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 6363
  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 6364  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 6364  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7762
  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7762  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7763  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7763
  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7764  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7764  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7767
  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7767  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7769  ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7769
  ThinkPad X61s 7669-A51  ThinkPad X61s 7669-A51  Thinkpad X61s Series
  ThinkPad X61S Series  ThinkPad X61s Series  Thinkpad X61s Series
  ThinkPad X61S Series  ThinkPad X61s Series  ThinkPad X61T Series
  ThinkPad X61T Series  Thinkpad Yoga 12 Series  Thinkpad Yoga 12 Series
  Thinkpad Yoga S1 Series  Thinkpad Yoga S1 Series  Thinkpad Yoga S240 Series
  Thinkpad Yoga S240 Series  UItrabook Yoga2 13 Series  UItrabook Yoga2 13 Series
  UItrabook Yoga2 13-IFI  UItrabook Yoga2 13-IFI  UItrabook Yoga2 13-ITH
  UItrabook Yoga2 13-ITH  V480 Series  V480 Series
  V480C Series  V480C Series  V480S Series
  V480S Series  V480U Series  V480U Series
  V485 Series  V485 Series  V580 Series
  V580 Series  V580C Series  V580C Series
  Y400A Series  Y400A Series  Y410A Series
  Y410A Series  Y50 Series  Y50 Series
  Y50-70 Series  Y50-70 Series  Y50-70A Series
  Y50-70A Series  Y50-70AM-IFI  Y50-70AM-IFI
  Y50-70AM-ISE  Y50-70AM-ISE  Y50-70AS-ISE
  Y50-70AS-ISE  Y70 Series   Y70 Series
  Y70-70T Series  Y70-70T Series  Y70P-70T Series
  Y70P-70T Series  Yoga 12 Series  Yoga 12 Series
  YOGA 13 Series  YOGA 13 Series  YOGA 13-IFI Series
  YOGA 13-IFI Series  YOGA 13-ISE Series  YOGA 13-ISE Series
01.Genuine Lenovo Thinkpad T440S Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink -- for Integrated Graphics Laptop
02.Genuine IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T41 T42 Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink
03.New original Cooling Fan & Heatsink for Thinkpad R61, R61I, R61E laptop 42W2779 -- for 15.4" Screen
04.Original Lenovo Ideacentre A600 CPU Cooling Fan
05.Genuine CPU Cooling Fan for Lenovo Ideapad P400 P500 Z400 Z500 Series laptop
06.Genuine Lenovo ThinkPad T410 T410I Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink -- for Integrated Graphics Laptop
07.Genuine Lenovo ThinkPad T510 T510i Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink -- for Integrated Graphics Laptop
08.Genuine Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink -- for Discrete Graphics Laptop
09.Genuine New Lenovo Thinkpad X300, X301 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan + Heatsink
10.Genuine New Lenovo ThinkPad X60S Series Laptop CPU Cooling Fan 41V9748


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