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Orignal New HP Pavilion 15-E000 15-N000 Series Laptop Keyboard - UK Layout

Getting your HP parts today is free of shipping. We supply brand new HP Laptop Keyboard with low price. We guarantee the product with a full warranty during warranty period if the product has any quality problem!
Orignal New HP Pavilion 15-E000 15-N000 Series Laptop Keyboard - UK Layout
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Free Shipping
Brand New,3 Months Warranty
Product Information:
Layout: UK
Letter: English
Remark: Ribbon cable included
Regulatory Approval: CE,UL
Remark: Please check the images and description carefully. You will receive what you see!
Color: Black
Condition: Brand New
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 3 Months
Payment:  PayPal | Credit Card
Default Shipping:  HongKong Registered Air Mail
                              With Tracking Number, Free
Express Shipping: DHL|EMS

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708168-031 749658-031 9Z.N9HSQ.00U

15-G000 Series 15-G000NA 15-G005NA
15-G007NA 15-G010DX 15-G012DX
15-G013CL 15-G019WM 15-G020CA
15-G020NR 15-G029WM 15-G060NR
15-G063NR 15-G070NR 15-G073NR
15-G074NR 15-G075NR 15-G100 Series
15-R000 Series 15-R000EL 15-R000NA
15-R001LA 15-R003NG 15-R004XX
15-R005LA 15-R006TU 15-R007TU
15-R007TX 15-R008NA 15-R008TU
15-R008TX 15-R011DX 15-R011DX
15-R012NA 15-R013CA 15-R015DX
15-R017DX 15-R018DX 15-R021NG
15-R026NA 15-R029WM 15-R030NA
15-R036TU 15-R061NF 15-R100 Series
Pavilion 15-E Series Pavilion 15-E000 Series Pavilion 15-E001AU
Pavilion 15-E003AU Pavilion 15-E004AU Pavilion 15-E004TX
Pavilion 15-E005AU Pavilion 15-E005TX Pavilion 15-E006AU
Pavilion 15-E007AU Pavilion 15-E009AX Pavilion 15-E010AU
Pavilion 15-E010AX Pavilion 15-E010US Pavilion 15-E011NR
Pavilion 15-E012NR Pavilion 15-E013AX Pavilion 15-E013NR
Pavilion 15-E013TX Pavilion 15-E014NR Pavilion 15-E015NR
Pavilion 15-E016AU Pavilion 15-E016AX Pavilion 15-E016NR
Pavilion 15-E016WM Pavilion 15-E017AX Pavilion 15-E018AU
Pavilion 15-E018AX Pavilion 15-E018NR Pavilion 15-E019AX
Pavilion 15-E019TX Pavilion 15-E020AX Pavilion 15-E020CA
Pavilion 15-E020NR Pavilion 15-E020TX Pavilion 15-E020US
Pavilion 15-E021AX Pavilion 15-E021NR Pavilion 15-E026TX
Pavilion 15-E027AX Pavilion 15-E027CA Pavilion 15-E027CL
Pavilion 15-E028AX Pavilion 15-E028US Pavilion 15-E029TX
Pavilion 15-E030AX Pavilion 15-E030WM Pavilion 15-E032AX
Pavilion 15-E033AU Pavilion 15-E033CA Pavilion 15-E033TX
Pavilion 15-E034EA Pavilion 15-E035TX Pavilion 15-E037CL
Pavilion 15-E039NR Pavilion 15-E040CA Pavilion 15-E041CA
Pavilion 15-E043CL Pavilion 15-E049CA Pavilion 15-E051TX
Pavilion 15-E051XX Pavilion 15-E053CA Pavilion 15-E061NR
Pavilion 15-E062NR Pavilion 15-E063NR Pavilion 15-E063TX
Pavilion 15-E064NR Pavilion 15-E065NR Pavilion 15-E066NR
Pavilion 15-E066TX Pavilion 15-E067NR Pavilion 15-E068NR
Pavilion 15-E071NR Pavilion 15-E072NR Pavilion 15-E073CA
Pavilion 15-E073NR Pavilion 15-E074NR Pavilion 15-E075NR
Pavilion 15-E076NR Pavilion 15-E077NR Pavilion 15-E078NR
Pavilion 15-E084CA Pavilion 15-E085NR Pavilion 15-E086NR
Pavilion 15-E087NR Pavilion 15-N Series Pavilion 15-N000 Series
Pavilion 15-N001AU Pavilion 15-N002AU Pavilion 15-N002TU
Pavilion 15-N003AU Pavilion 15-N004AU Pavilion 15-N005AU
Pavilion 15-N005AX Pavilion 15-N005TU Pavilion 15-N006AU
Pavilion 15-N006TU Pavilion 15-N008AX Pavilion 15-N008TX
Pavilion 15-N009TX Pavilion 15-N010US Pavilion 15-N012AU
Pavilion 15-N012NR Pavilion 15-N013CA Pavilion 15-N014AU
Pavilion 15-N014NR Pavilion 15-N016TX Pavilion 15-N019NR
Pavilion 15-N019WM Pavilion 15-N019WM Pavilion 15-N020CA
Pavilion 15-N020NR Pavilion 15-N020US Pavilion 15-N022TU
Pavilion 15-N028TX Pavilion 15-N028US Pavilion 15-N030CA
Pavilion 15-N030US Pavilion 15-N033CA Pavilion 15-N034CA
Pavilion 15-N034NR Pavilion 15-N037CL Pavilion 15-N044TU
Pavilion 15-N045TX Pavilion 15-N047CL Pavilion 15-N048CA
Pavilion 15-N048NR Pavilion 15-N054TX Pavilion 15-N060CA
Pavilion 15-N060NR Pavilion 15-N061NR Pavilion 15-N064NR
Pavilion 15-N065NR Pavilion 15-N066US Pavilion 15-N067NR
Pavilion 15-N069NR Pavilion 15-N084CA Pavilion 15-N089NR
Pavilion 15-N090NR Pavilion 15-N093NR Pavilion 15-N096NR
Pavilion 15-N097NR Pavilion 15-N200 Series Pavilion 15-N200NR
Pavilion 15-N201NR Pavilion 15-N202AU Pavilion 15-N202NR
Pavilion 15-N203AU Pavilion 15-N203AX Pavilion 15-N203NR
Pavilion 15-N203TU Pavilion 15-N204AU Pavilion 15-N204AX
Pavilion 15-N204NR Pavilion 15-N204TU Pavilion 15-N205AX
Pavilion 15-N205NR Pavilion 15-N205TU Pavilion 15-N206AX
Pavilion 15-N206NR Pavilion 15-N206TU Pavilion 15-N207NR
Pavilion 15-N208AU Pavilion 15-N208NR Pavilion 15-N209NR
Pavilion 15-N209TU Pavilion 15-N210AU Pavilion 15-N210NR
Pavilion 15-N210US Pavilion 15-N211AU Pavilion 15-N211AX
Pavilion 15-N211DX Pavilion 15-N211NR Pavilion 15-N211TX
Pavilion 15-N212TX Pavilion 15-N213TX Pavilion 15-N214TX
Pavilion 15-N215TX Pavilion 15-N216TX Pavilion 15-N217TX
Pavilion 15-N218TX Pavilion 15-N220TX Pavilion 15-N220US
Pavilion 15-N221TX Pavilion 15-N222TX Pavilion 15-N230US
Pavilion 15-N253TX Pavilion 15-N290NR Pavilion 15T-E000 Series
Pavilion 15T-N100 Series
Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to the most countries usually takes about 7~15 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time cost
EMS5-10 business days £13.00
DHL4-7 business days £15.00

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by order@uk-laptop-part.com and inform us of your express company.
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