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Original New HP G42 G62 Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ56 CQ62 Series Laptop CPU Fan

Getting your HP COMPAQ parts today is free of shipping. We supply brand new HP COMPAQ Laptop CPU Fan with low price. We guarantee the product with a full warranty during warranty period if the product has any quality problem!
Original New HP G42 G62 Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ56 CQ62 Series Laptop CPU Fan
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Free Shipping
Brand New,6 Months Warranty
Product Information:
Specification: 100% TESTED 100% WORK AND PASS THE NOISE TEST
Power: DC 5V 0.4A, Bare Fan
Unit: PCS
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Info: Wire Length: 40mm, 3-wire 3-pin connector
Remark: Please check the images and description carefully. You will receive what you see!
Condition: Brand New
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 6 Months
Payment:  PayPal | Credit Card
Default Shipping:  HongKong Registered Air Mail
                              With Tracking Number, Free
Express Shipping: DHL|EMS

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595832-001 597780-001 606573-001
609229-001 646578-001 DFS53II05MC0T
FAR1200EPA KSB06105HA(-9H1X) MF75120V1-C050-S9A

G42 Series G42-101XX G42-154CA
G42-200XX G42-224CA G42-230US
G42-232NR G42-240LA G42-240US
G42-241HE G42-243CL G42-303DX
G42-328CA G42-410US G42-412DX
G42-415DX G42-475DX G42T-200 CTO
G42T-300 CTO G62 Series G62-101XX
G62-134CA G62-140US G62-143CL
G62-144DX G62-147NR G62-149WM
G62-153CA G62-154CA G62-208CA
G62-219WM G62-220CA G62-221CA
G62-222US G62-223CA G62-224CA
G62-224HE G62-225DX G62-225NR
G62-227CA G62-227CL G62-228CA
G62-229NR G62-231NR G62-233NR
G62-234DX G62-244CA G62-264CA
G62-320CA G62-339WM G62-340US
G62-341NR G62-343NR G62-346NR
G62-347CL G62-347NR G62-348NR
G62-353NR G62-354CA G62-355CA
G62-355DX G62-358NR G62-359CA
G62-363NR G62-367DX G62-371DX
G62-372US G62-373DX G62-374CA
G62-378CA G62-404NR G62-407DX
G62-415NR G62-420CA G62-423CA
G62-435DX G62-445DX G62-448CA
G62-454CA G62-457CA G62-457DX
G62t-100 CTO G62t-250 CTO G62t-350 CTO
Pavilion G4 Series Pavilion G4-1010US Pavilion G4-1011NR
Pavilion G4-1012NR Pavilion G4-1015dx Pavilion G4-1020US
Pavilion G4-1021CA Pavilion G4-1022CA Pavilion G4-1051XX
Pavilion G4-1104dx Pavilion G4-1107NR Pavilion G4-1117NR
Pavilion G4-1117dx Pavilion G4-1118NR Pavilion G4-1125dx
Pavilion G4-1135DX Pavilion G4-1137CA Pavilion G4-1164CA
Pavilion G4-1167CA Pavilion G4-1204nr Pavilion G4-1207NR
Pavilion G4-1213NR Pavilion G4-1215DX Pavilion G4-1226NR
Pavilion G4-1229dx Pavilion G4-1264CA Pavilion G4-1311NR
Pavilion G4-1315DX Pavilion G4-1318DX Pavilion G4T-1000 CTO
Pavilion G4T-1100 CTO Pavilion G4T-1200 CTO Pavilion G4T-1300 CTO
Pavilion G6 Series Pavilion G6-1B39WM Pavilion G6-1B59WM
Pavilion G6-1B60US Pavilion G6-1B71HE Pavilion G6-1B87CL
Pavilion G6-1C58DX Pavilion G6-1D00 Pavilion G6-1b50us
Pavilion G7 Series Pavilion G7-1000 Series Pavilion G7-1001XX
Pavilion G7-1017CL Pavilion G7-1019WM Pavilion G7-1033CL
Pavilion G7-1070US Pavilion G7-1073NR Pavilion G7-1075DX
Pavilion G7-1075DXL Pavilion G7-1075NR Pavilion G7-1076NR
Pavilion G7-1077NR Pavilion G7-1078NR Pavilion G7-1081NR
Pavilion G7-1083NR Pavilion G7-1084NR Pavilion G7-1085NR
Pavilion G7-1086NR Pavilion G7-1100 Series Pavilion G7-1101XX
Pavilion G7-1113CL Pavilion G7-1117CL Pavilion G7-1139WM
Pavilion G7-1149WM Pavilion G7-1150US Pavilion G7-1153NR
Pavilion G7-1154NR Pavilion G7-1156NR Pavilion G7-1157DX
Pavilion G7-1158NR Pavilion G7-1167DX Pavilion G7-1173DX
Pavilion G7-1174CA Pavilion G7-1175CA Pavilion G7-1178CA
Pavilion G7-1200 Series Pavilion G7-1219WM Pavilion G7-1222NR
Pavilion G7-1227NR Pavilion G7-1235DX Pavilion G7-1237DX
Pavilion G7-1255DX Pavilion G7-1257DX Pavilion G7-1260us
Pavilion G7-1261NR Pavilion G7-1263NR Pavilion G7-1264NR
Pavilion G7-1265NR Pavilion G7-1269NR Pavilion G7-1270CA
Pavilion G7-1272NR Pavilion G7-1273NR Pavilion G7-1277DX
Pavilion G7-1279DX Pavilion G7-1281NR Pavilion G7-1300 Series
Pavilion G7-1310US Pavilion G7-1311NR Pavilion G7-1312NR
Pavilion G7-1313NR Pavilion G7-1314NR Pavilion G7-1316DX
Pavilion G7-1317cl Pavilion G7-1318DX Pavilion G7-1320DX
Pavilion G7-1320ca Pavilion G7-1321NR Pavilion G7-1322NR
Pavilion G7-1323NR Pavilion G7-1326DX Pavilion G7-1327DX
Pavilion G7-1328DX Pavilion G7-1329WM Pavilion G7-1330DX
Pavilion G7-1330ca Pavilion G7-1333ca Pavilion G7-1338DX
Pavilion G7-1340DX Pavilion G7-1350DX Pavilion G7-1355DX
Pavilion G7-1358DX Pavilion G7-1365DX Pavilion G7-1368DX
Pavilion G7-1374ca Pavilion G7T Series Pavilion G7T-1000 Series
Pavilion G7T-1100 Series Pavilion G7T-1200 Series Pavilion G7T-1300 Series
Pavilion G7t-1000 CTO Presario CQ42 Series Presario CQ56 Series
Presario CQ56 Series Presario CQ56-100SG Presario CQ56-101SA
Presario CQ56-101SG Presario CQ56-102EA Presario CQ56-102EG
Presario CQ56-102SA Presario CQ56-102SG Presario CQ56-102TU
Presario CQ56-103EA Presario CQ56-103EG Presario CQ56-103SA
Presario CQ56-103SG Presario CQ56-104SA Presario CQ56-105SA
Presario CQ56-106EA Presario CQ56-106SA Presario CQ56-107SA
Presario CQ56-108SA Presario CQ56-110SA Presario CQ56-111EA
Presario CQ56-111EG Presario CQ56-111SA Presario CQ56-111SG
Presario CQ56-112EA Presario CQ56-112NR Presario CQ56-112SA
Presario CQ56-113SA Presario CQ56-114EO Presario CQ56-115DX
Presario CQ56-115EG Presario CQ56-115SA Presario CQ56-120SG
Presario CQ56-122NR Presario CQ56-129NR Presario CQ56-131SF
Presario CQ56-132EF Presario CQ56-132SF Presario CQ56-133EF
Presario CQ56-133SF Presario CQ56-134EF Presario CQ56-134SF
Presario CQ56-135EF Presario CQ56-135SF Presario CQ56-136SF
Presario CQ56-142EF Presario CQ56-142SF Presario CQ56-148SF
Presario CQ56-155EA Presario CQ56-200 Series Presario CQ56-200SG
Presario CQ56-200TU Presario CQ56-201NR Presario CQ56-201SG
Presario CQ56-201TU Presario CQ56-203SG Presario CQ56-204SG
Presario CQ56-205EG Presario CQ56-206SA Presario CQ56-207SG
Presario CQ56-209SG Presario CQ56-210EF Presario CQ56-210SF
Presario CQ56-210SG Presario CQ56-219WM Presario CQ56-240EF
Presario CQ56-240SF Presario CQ56-250EA Presario CQ56-250SA
Presario CQ56-250SF Presario CQ56-252SA Presario CQ56-252SF
Presario CQ56-253SA Presario CQ56-256SA Presario CQ56-258SA
Presario CQ56-261EA Presario CQ56-280EG Presario CQ56-280SG
Presario CQ56-283SG Presario CQ56-290EF Presario CQ56-290SF
Presario CQ56-292SF Presario CQ62 Series Presario CQ62 Series
Presario CQ62-100 Series Presario CQ62-101TX Presario CQ62-102TX
Presario CQ62-103TU Presario CQ62-104TU Presario CQ62-105TU
Presario CQ62-105TX Presario CQ62-106TU Presario CQ62-108TU
Presario CQ62-108TX Presario CQ62-109TU Presario CQ62-109TX
Presario CQ62-110TU Presario CQ62-111TU Presario CQ62-111TX
Presario CQ62-112TU Presario CQ62-112TX Presario CQ62-113TU
Presario CQ62-113TX Presario CQ62-114TX Presario CQ62-115TX
Presario CQ62-116TU Presario CQ62-200CA Presario CQ62-201AU
Presario CQ62-201AX Presario CQ62-201TU Presario CQ62-202AU
Presario CQ62-202TU Presario CQ62-203AU Presario CQ62-203AX
Presario CQ62-204AX Presario CQ62-206TU Presario CQ62-207TU
Presario CQ62-209CA Presario CQ62-209WM Presario CQ62-210AX
Presario CQ62-210SA Presario CQ62-210SD Presario CQ62-210TU
Presario CQ62-210US Presario CQ62-211AX Presario CQ62-211HE
Presario CQ62-212AX Presario CQ62-212TU Presario CQ62-213NR
Presario CQ62-214NR Presario CQ62-214TU Presario CQ62-215DX
Presario CQ62-215NR Presario CQ62-215SA Presario CQ62-215TU
Presario CQ62-217CA Presario CQ62-219WM Presario CQ62-220EA
Presario CQ62-220SA Presario CQ62-220US Presario CQ62-221SA
Presario CQ62-225NR Presario CQ62-225SA Presario CQ62-228DX
Presario CQ62-229SA Presario CQ62-230EA Presario CQ62-230SA
Presario CQ62-231NR Presario CQ62-235SA Presario CQ62-238DX
Presario CQ62-251TU Presario CQ62-251TX Presario CQ62-255TU
Presario CQ62-262TX Presario CQ62-263TX Presario CQ62-270TX
Presario CQ62-271TX Presario CQ62-272TX Presario CQ62-273TX
Presario CQ62-274TX Presario CQ62-277TX Presario CQ62-278TX
Presario CQ62-280TX Presario CQ62-302TU Presario CQ62-305AX
Presario CQ62-306AU Presario CQ62-306AX Presario CQ62-308AU
Presario CQ62-309AU Presario CQ62-309AX Presario CQ62-310AU
Presario CQ62-351TU Presario CQ62-355TU Presario CQ62-355TX
Presario CQ62-357TX Presario CQ62-358TU Presario CQ62-360TX
Presario CQ62-410US Presario CQ62-411NR Presario CQ62-412NR
Presario CQ62-416NR Presario CQ62-417NR Presario CQ62-418NR
Presario CQ62-419NR Presario CQ62-419NR Presario CQ62-421NR
Presario CQ62-A00 Series Presario CQ62-A01SG Presario CQ62-A02SG
Presario CQ62-A10EA Presario CQ62-A10SA Presario CQ62-A10SD
Presario CQ62-A10SO Presario CQ62-A20SA Presario CQ62-A25SA
Presario CQ62-A36SF Presario CQ62-A50SA Presario CQ62-A55SA
Presario CQ62-A65SA Presario CQ62z-200 CTO
Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to the most countries usually takes about 7~15 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time cost
EMS5-10 business days £13.00
DHL4-7 business days £15.00

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by order@uk-laptop-part.com and inform us of your express company.
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